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Surveillance Clinic



Methodist Richardson

Medical Center



Methodist Richardson

 Cancer Center


Methodist Richardson Breast Surgeons offers high quality care for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer and benign breast-related problems.


In-Office Services

• High risk assessment and counseling

• Genetic counseling and genetic testing

• Breast and axillary (underarm) ultrasound

• Ultrasound-guided biopsy of breast masses

• Fine needle aspiration of concerning masses or lymph nodes

• Cyst aspiration/drainage

• Abscess drainage

• Placement of partial breast radiation/brachytherapy catheters (such as SAVI®)


High-Risk Breast Surveillance Clinic

• Breast health education

• Clinical breast exam

• Additional imaging studies

• Breast MRI scans 

• Genetic counseling and testing

• Preventive therapies

• Clinical trials 

• Nutrition counseling 

• Smoking cessation services 

• Prophylactic surgery or surgical intervention

• Chemoprevention 


Surgical Procedures

• Excisional biopsy

• Nipple exploration and duct excision

• Breast conserving surgery – lumpectomy/partial mastectomy/quadrantectomy

• Mastectomy – simple, skin-sparing, areola and/or nipple-sparing (immediate or delayed breast reconstruction, done in conjunction with a plastic surgeon)

• Sentinel lymph node biopsy

• Axillary lymph node dissection

• Placement of long-term central venous access catheters for chemotherapy (Power Port)

• Placement of partial breast radiation/brachytherapy catheters (such as SAVI®)


To ensure you have a full continuum of care from diagnosis through treatment and recovery, we coordinate with the Women's Imaging at Methodist Richardson Medical Center and Methodist Richardson Cancer Center.


Women's Imaging

• Board-certified radiologists dedicated full-time to breast imaging

• Digital mammography

• Breast MRI

• Ductograms/galactograms

• Diagnostic ultrasound

• Patient navigator who is a certified breast care nurse
• Placement of preoperative localization devices such as SCOUT® marker


Methodist Richardson Cancer Center

• Medical, surgical, and radiation oncology

• Multidisciplinary Tumor Board and Breast Cancer Conferences

• Certified genetic counselor

• Licensed nutritionist

• PET/CT scan

• Integrative therapies

• Complementary therapy

• Prevention and cancer screening programs

• Support groups and patient resource center

• Patient navigator who is a certified breast care nurse


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